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Show the Supreme Court You Want Our Health Care Rights Upheld

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, people across the country will never again have to worry about being denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition, being dropped from coverage because they got sick, or paying extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses.

But these critical benefits are being ignored by state officials who are using taxpayer dollars to challenge the law in court for political gain. On March 26-28, their case will be argued before the Supreme Court, with a final ruling expected by late June.

While no one can truly predict how the Supreme Court Justices will rule, part of what will influence their decision is hearing from the public that the Affordable Care Act is working.

An amicus (friend of the court) brief allows stakeholders to share their insight on a case before the Court. Signing on to our "People's Amicus Brief" is a great way to show the Justices that the law is working and that Americans support the Affordable Care Act.


The People's Amicus Brief:

We the people stand strong in our support for the Affordable Care Act and urge the Supreme Court to reject this politically motivated attack on the law and to uphold our health care rights.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act:

  • Millions of uninsured Americans will gain access to quality, affordable health coverage;
  • No American will be denied health coverage simply because they have a "pre-existing" condition;
  • Insurers will no longer be able to drop an American from health coverage, simply because he or she got sick;
  • Insurers will no longer have free rein to raise premiums without limits and accountability;
  • Every insurance plan must be described in clear, factual, and transparent terms so consumers can understand what they are getting for their premium dollars;
  • Families can rest easy knowing young adults can stay on their family plan until age 26;
  • All Americans will have no-cost access to vital preventive check-ups and care;
  • Seniors stuck in the "doughnut hole" will get much-needed help affording their prescription drugs;
  • Small businesses will get tax credits to help extend coverage to their employees; and
  • Community health centers will be able to expand the number of patients they serve in states across the country.

These vital protections will make a difference for millions of American families. Don't take away our health care!

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