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1% of the population. 40% of the wealth. None of the burden!?

In November, you joined with hundreds of thousands of activists across the country, to stop Republicans who wanted to cut Medicaid and Medicare as part of the super committee process.

Unfortunately, we don't have much time to celebrate. Republican leaders are already proposing new plans that would undo last summer's budget agreement. That means Medicare and Medicaid could be put back on the chopping block - all so the super rich don't have to pay their fair share.

Don't let irresponsible Republican persistence cut Medicare and Medicaid. Watch our new video and sign our petition to send a strong message: American families WON'T tolerate cuts to health care to pay for tax giveaways for giant corporations and the super rich.

Be one of the first to see the new video: The Truth about Budget Cuts. Then take action below!

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